Hello world!

Hi.  I’m Erin.  I live in Fredericksburg, VA and I’m a vegetarian, sometime vegan.  I love watching Food Network (I know he hates vegetarians, but I want to BE Anthony Bourdain), I love buying vegetarian cookbooks, and I love surfing vegan/vegetarian/foodie blogs.  I got tired of just watching and reading and decided to participate, for better or worse.  The name of this blog–you must say it while squirming from side to side, otherwise it just doesn’t work.

When I was growing up in Georgia I swore I would never ever peel a potato, much less enjoy cooking.  Unless it involved licking the bowl, I wanted no part of it.  But then, I moved to VA and had to eat.  And then, my dear friends Marc and Amelia opened my eyes to vegetarian cooking.  And then I started reading.  And reading and reading and reading.  Michael Pollan is to blame for my final move into vegetarianism.  Today, when I cook for myself, I cook vegan, but I confess I don’t adhere to it 100%.  I am 100% vegetarian, however, first for health reasons, then for the environment, and then because I care about animal rights.

The transition wasn’t easy and I certainly get some offensive comments, but I’ve found that most of my friends and family are mainly curious.  My omnivore husband has been extremely supportive and enjoys seeing how I convert beans or soy products into dishes he recognizes and enjoys.  He also recognizes that this is a personal choice and reminds me that I no one will judge me if I eventually fall off the horse.  Good to know, but unlikely. 

To conclude–I welcome all feedback and comments.  I don’t have a catchy theme or some underlying message, this is just a place for me to give back to those who have provided me with countless hours of amusement or recipes.  Truthfully, I eat a lot of salads and boring old veggies, but I also have some good stuff up my sleeve and would like to share!   And my loved ones can finally stop asking me what I’m cooking today : )


One Response to “Hello world!”

  1. Amelia Says:

    This is very exciting! I’ll look forward to reading and seeing pictures of your newest creations! I’ll look forward even more to getting to taste of some of your delicious creations . . . feel free to save me a piece of that bundt cake!

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