Snowball fight with myself, you’re not invited

Caroline Street. Can you make out the jogger?

Snow falling on the Rappahannock River

A few new photos of our recent snows.  I think this round of plowing and sanding actually improved the roads in the Historic District from yesterday’s conditions.  Still, when we have 30 mph gusts and it’s only been an hour since the snow stopped, why are people driving around???  Wal-Mart is closed, for heaven’s sake!

Lunch was raw veggies, homemade white bean and sage dip, and this beautiful plate of red Swiss chard and spinach.  I love all types of greens and appreciate having something hearty and fresh to look forward to during the cold temperature months.  These greens are simply sauteed with vegetable broth, loads of garlic, garlic salt, red pepper flakes, and lemon juice.  I made enough to go into a tofu omelette for tomorrow night’s dinner.

Swiss chard and spinach

I enjoyed a heavenly day off–catching up on TiVo’ed episodes of “18 Kids and Counting”, Anthony Bourdain, surfing the web, cleaning, reading, and enjoying a short nap.   I also tried out the Strawberry Cupcake recipe from “Joy of Vegan Baking”.  I call these cup-muffins rather than cupcakes.  Troubleshooting–my strawberries should have been room temperature.  I’m not actually a big fan of strawberry-flavored things, but these were tasty and I will give ’em another whirl one day.  Once I try a few more similar recipes and get more comfortable with cake-baking in general, I want to test out frostings and buttercreams.

Strawberry Cup-muffins, a little too close of a close-up

There was an interesting op-ed in the Atlanta Journal Constitution (by guest columnist Mary Sanchez)  today about how, statistically speaking, marriage benefits men more than women.  For some reason, there have been a plethora of such articles recently–a nice Valentine’s Day message?  No, just the Pew Research Center study release.  To quote: “An educated, working wife is a valuable asset…not that I expect to see that message embossed on heart-shaped candies anytime soon: ‘Will u be my sugar mama?'”  Marriages where the sole breadwinner is male have a better chance of ending in divorce and studies show that women who marry later and have a higher education report greater self-fulfillment and happiness.  Hmm.  So feminism and gender equality has proven to be a boon for that traditionalist institution, marriage.  Now let’s just hope I can hold up my end of the deal and remain a ‘valuable asset’.

Just to prove how useful I am (not that I need to, by any means), I’m off to shovel snow.  By myself.


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