Snow, salad, and snuggies

What’s for dinner when it’s snowing outside?  Why, salad of course!  Ok, well, I had soup for lunch.  And I genuinely LIKE salad.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  Mixed field greens, mushrooms, beets, and Annie’s Lite Honey Mustard dressing.

Beet-o-rific beauty of a salad

I also had roasted cauliflower with garlic and garam masala, which was very yummy, but not photogenic, and carrots with hummus.  I heart cauliflower.  This version of roasted cauliflower is the basis for Manchurian cauliflower, which involves making a complimentary sauce out of additional spices and ketchup to pour over the cauliflower and continue roasting, but I was too hungry to make that extra step.

On a completely different topic, I confess, I really didn’t enjoy Elizabeth Gilbert’s first book, “Eat, Pray, Love” (too much crying, wailing, and gnashing of teeth), but I have loved “Committed”, her recently released second book.  Here’s one particular passage that stuck with me: “…imagine a life in which every day a person is presented with not two or even three but dozens of choices, and you can begin to grasp why the modern world has become…a neurosis-generating machine of the highest order.  In a world of such abundant possibility, many of us simply go limp from indecision.  Or we derail our life’s journey again and again, backing up to try doors we neglected on the first round, desperate to get it right this time.  Or we become compulsive comparers–always measuring our lives against some other person’s life, secretly wondering if we should have taken her path instead.”  I don’t think I need to say anything further.  Obviously this passage has meant enough to me to post it here to share with others!

On that note, after a satsfying dinner and with a good book to look forward to, I’m going to wait out the snow curled up under my Snuggie in front of the TV and taped episodes of Anthony Bourdain.  My husband and I decided that Snuggie’s are ok as long as you don’t put your arms through the holes–it’s just a blanket!  I have to stay up until 9PM to see if work will make the right decision and grant us administrative leave tomorrow, but based on past performances, my bags are packed for my usual wake up call.  On Monday the entire federal government in D.C. shut down because of 2+ feet of snow, but no, we had to report in at 10AM.  Which would have been, eh, bearable, but some one forgot that only 1/6th of the parking lot had been plowed.

Sunday morning, post-Snowpocalypse round I

Enough.  I’ll make it through the latest round of Snowpocalypse somehow.  Until next time…


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