Think happy thoughts

Another snow day, not that I’m complaining.  At noon, I ventured out and went to the gym and Wegman’s and the gas station.  The main roads were fine, if slushy.  I nearly cried when there wasn’t a single banana to be found at Wegman’s, but I checked back, just to be sure, before going to the cashier and HALLELUJAH they had re-stocked!  Crisis averted. 

This morning I made Susan’s fat-free banana date walnut bread for my husband’s impending visit  I cannot tell you how good it smelled coming out of the oven.  I also went ahead and made a crockpot BBQ chili recipe that my mom cut out for me from the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  This way I can spend less time in the kitchen and I think chili’s and stews taste better after a few days anyways.  I’m really not a big fan of chili, but this is what my husband asked for and man, I’m glad he did.  See how hearty it looks?  It’s my first time using soy crumbles.  I wont make a habit of it because I prefer to limit processed foods, but they really add great texture reminiscent of ground beef.  But no cow taste.  I don’t understand vegans/vegetarians who buy mock meats attempting to replicate meat products.  I mean, yes, there are smells and textures that I miss, but if I want a chicken nugget, gosh darnnit, why not just get one?

Fat-free vegan banana date walnut loaf

AJC BBQ Chili--the picture does not do it justice

 Side note: I was so pleased when my husband confessed that he ate all the spice cookies I sent him for breakfast this morning because they were just that good.  Coming from someone who eats to live, this is a huge compliment.  And my little brother asked for the recipe.

My mom read the mother/daughter Sue Monk Kidd and Ann Kidd Taylor book “Traveling With Pomegranates” and asked me to read it.  She says she wished she had had a highlighter while she was reading it.  So far I find them both a little verbose and melodramatic, but I am getting into it.  I’m also really curious what my mom would have highlighted and I find myself reading it through her eyes and my own.

My excitement of the day (besides the bananas) was the delivery of a package from my parents.  They made a trip to the Dekalb Farmers’ Market and sent me Sumatran coffee, dried shiitake mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, Turkish figs, Brazil nuts, a ginormous thumbprint cookie, date pecan bread, and coupons.  Jackpot!  I saved $2 on my toilet paper thanks to those coupons.  They also included Valentine’s Day cards for both me and my husband.  Mom said that I could have saved the box and opened it with him there, but I don’t share very well.  I totally hid my cookie. 

I just discovered that Atlanta is expecting 1-3” of snow tomorrow and my husband’s flight is in jeopardy.  With 2+ feet on the ground here in VA, I don’t know what to say.  Fingers crossed…it’s been a month since we last saw each other.  Big plans for the weekend, including a trip to D.C. and reservations at Oyamel  Please send us happy thoughts.  We can all use good karma, right?  And I want someone to appreciate my freshly scrubbed toilet!

Might be a few days until my next post, but I hope I remember my camera and will attempt to be ‘that dork’ taking pictures of her plate in random food joints.


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