Valentine’s Day and vegan cacti

I didn’t take a single picture this weekend, but I had an amazing time with my husband and ate good stuff.  His gift to me was 2 boxes of Lagusta’s Luscious Bluestocking Bonbons which are organic, fair-trade, and vegan…might as well be good for  you too, while they’re at it!  We were both excited they arrived via USPS while he was here so that we could sample them together.  I got both the Wild box and the Pink box.  I think my favorites were the Sea Salt, Chipotle, and maybe Fennel-Apple?  Oh heck, they were all good. 

We’ve been having issues with snow etiquette in Fredericksburg.  Darling husband literally moved a mountain of snow on my behalf and wouldn’t you know everyone and their brother has tried to steal my parking spot over the weekend?  Neighbors have begun placing orange cones to mark their spots.  Husband suggested nails, but I get home after dark and don’t think I could find every single last one before pulling into my spot.  Baaaaaaaad idea.

We had a glorious weekend watching Anthony Bourdain episodes (Saudi Arabia, Hudson Valley, NY, Beirut), the Pixar movie “Up”, “Valentine’s Day” with Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, et al and sojourning up north on I-95 to Washington, D.C.  We stayed in Crystal City and visited the Crime and Punishment Museum.  Dinner was Mexican tapas at Oyamel (  I had the Nopal asado con salsa molcajete, Col de bruselas estilio San Quintín, and Tostada de hongos guisados con hierbabuena.  True to form, the vegan always gets the crap end of the stick.  Husband loved my Brussels sprouts!  It was a good time, but we both like Eclipse di Luna in Atlanta better.  Afterwards, we wanted to go dancing at Bohemian Caverns near U Street, which was recommended by a co-worker as a good place for ’80’s and ’90’s music.  Unfortunately, it was a jazz night, but we’d already paid $40 cover charge.  We made it through the second set, fighting off sleep and trying to act like we enjoyed it, but…

Our vegan Valentine’s dinner was a great success.  The chili I prepared on Thursday was perfectly melded and yummy, the cornbread from “Joy of Vegan Baking” was just perfect, and the broccoli slaw with Bryanna’s Low-fat Poppyseed Dressing ( provided a pleasantly cooling side dish.  With a bottle of pinot noir and a thawed out piece of leftover wedding cake for dessert, who could ask for better? 

For those who are curious and didn’t realize it: Valentine’s Day really got started in the U.S. during the Victorian era when a Massachusetts housewife began a successful hand-made card business from her home, based on the British model of exchanging cards, which was  a recent phenomenon.  It really is a Hallmark holiday since there is no ‘real’ acknowledged Saint Valentine or a basis in some pagan holiday based around love. 

A wee bit of snow today, but it melted off.  Now back to the grind……real life beckons.


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