Richmond, Discovered (sort of)

First, I’d like to provide a link to Pink Vegan’s blog:  Like “Julie and Julia”, Chay is working her way through cookbooks, recipe by recipe, but she’s using one of my favorites, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s “Vegan Table”.  I’m always happy to have someone else’s recipe review (and photos) before attempting it on my own!  I also enjoy reading the reviews of her 2 little girls and husband for entertainment. 

This weekend my dear friend and I discovered Richmond.  I regret that I have not visited here soon–it was so much easier to get to than D.C., so much less stressful, and just cute!  We started by visiting Agecroft Hall (, which is an actual Tudor-period manor house that was purchased in auction in 1926, disassembled, and shipped over to Richmond.  Although less than 50% of the original manor survives, that’s still quite a feat and the house today is furnished with time-period pieces.  I spotted a few snowdrops around the house, but would love to go back in April for Garden Week.

Beautiful detail of timber-work on exterior

Next, we visited Carytown and had lunch at Weezie’s Kitchen, which was loud, vibrant, and busy.  I enjoyed a delicious veggie wrap stuffed with steamed broccoli, onions, squash and lettuce.  There weren’t a ton of vegan options on the menu, but it was a fun place to enjoy and I especially liked playing ‘spot the tatoos’ on all the waitresses.  It’d been half a year since I got to stock up at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, so that was our final portion of the day.  I found some flavors of ( Primal Strips jerky that I hadn’t tried yet.  These are handy to have when I travel since I need a snack pretty much every 2 hours.  Couldn’t find Clif Nectar bars…I think they’ve stopped making them?  I also stocked up on different flavors of hummus, organic Pink Lady apples, trail mixes, and dried fruits.  I know I’m spoiled with Wegman’s, but I need a little diversity every now and then! 

In the evening, we watched “Possession”, based on the Booker Award-winning novel by A.S. Byatt and tried out India Queen, Fredericksburg’s 2nd and newest Indian joint.  I enjoyed Vegetable Kholpuri and my pal had the Aloo Ghobi, with chapati on the side.  I think Indian is one of those meals that just improves the next day.  I appreciated that when I ordered “hot”, my meal was actually incredibly spicy and not “American hot”, but I might tone it down a notch next time so I can concentrate more on the flavors and less on my dripping nose!

For our girly breakfasts, I prepared Susan’s banana-date-walnut muffins from Fat Free Vegan again, along with her Swiss chard frittata (, subbing spinach for the chard.  We also had Fresh Winter Fruit Salad from Lindsay at Happy Herbivore’s recent piece in “Vegetarian Times” (  A most satisfying and healthy breakfast of champions!

Fresh Winter Fruit Salad from Vegetarian Times Jan/Feb

And now, the weekend draws to a close, as always, with loads of laundry, cleaning, and preparing meals for my lunches this week.  The forecast says we might have snow on Tuesday or Wednesday and I’m just praying that it snows at my office, but not here in Fredericksburg.  These past two mornings I was awoken by chirping birds, so I’m sure that spring WILL come, but I can hardly bear any more cold weather…

I’ll leave with photos from another Happy Herbivore meal, perfectly seasonal and conducive to cold nights that require soup (

Dandelion Greens--no way to make them prettier


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