And the Fans Go Wild!

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to have cameras in my office, so you’ll just have to concentrate really hard and visualize a perfect, moist, yellow cake with tons of purple-y blueberries scattered throughout and a delicious aroma wafting in the air.  Did I mention that I hand-picked those blueberries in July with my father at Westmoreland Berry Farms??  Hand-picked!

Back to the cake.  I shared with my 5 coworkers and then I had a good half a cake left and I was going to set it out for the rest of the office vultures (who are less worthy) to gnaw on.  And yet!  Bonnie and Leslie refused to let me share!  They cried dibs and divided the rest of the cake between them.    Talk about flattered.

It was a really good cake.  I could add a glaze next time, but served plain, it was a really really yummy breakfast/snack rather than dessert.  Score.

UPDATE: Watching 2 year old Thomas eat a piece of cake was totally worth it all.  “Cake cake cake”.  Made my morning!!!!!!!!!!!


2 Responses to “And the Fans Go Wild!”

  1. Ricki Says:

    That does sound like a good cake! 🙂 Erin, thanks for your comment on my blog and for letting me know about yours. I’ve added a link–hope it brings you some new readers! 😀

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