Brief Trip to Columbus, GA Causes Brief Blog Hiatus

No exciting new foods that I have cooked or pictures of things I’ve eaten, but while I was away from Fredericksburg for 4 short days, spring crept up on me!

Cherry trees in bloom and a tulip poplar

Some sort of poplar and the Rappahannock River

I flew into Atlanta on Thursday to see my husband before a 2 month hiatus on conjugal visits, phone calls, and emails.  We enjoyed Atlanta’s best mojitos at one of our favorites, Eclipse de Luna, a traditional tapas joint in Miami Circle.  I had patatas bravas, spinach with pine nuts, and white bean hummus…not just a mojito!  During our weekend in Columbus we made a trip to Callaway Gardens, visited with friends new and old, finally saw Food Inc., also saw Alice in Wonderland, and successfully got my husband hooked on The Tudors.  There aren’t any vegetarian restaurants in Columbus (it IS a military town, catering to a particular audience), but I did find some good choices at a local Mexican joint and Mellow Mushroom.

Unsurprisingly, I really enjoyed Food Inc., having read Michael Pollan and Eric Schlosser’s books.  I approached the film from what I would call a nurturing perspective–ain’t no way I’m putting that crap in my body or my husband’s body.  Our health is my primary concern and I don’t want to screw up any future children before they become twinkles in our eyes.  My husband looked at it from an economic perspective.  He was appalled by the monopolization of the food system, but feels like organic and natural foods, meat in particular, are still too expensive.  I know that I spend a lot of my paycheck on organic foods from Wegman’s grocery store, but when the farmers’ market is available, I save a lot of money.  If we had co-ops or if it was feasible to invest in a CSA share, I’d do that, as well as growing our own vegetables, all of which would save even more money.  Can’t help him with the meat, but I’d much rather trek hours to a place like Polyface Farms to invest in their products if it would mean he would eat healthier meat products.

After I dropped my husband off with the U.S. Army, I spent my last afternoon at home with my parents.  They had visited the Dekalb International Farmers’ Market and we had quite the veggie feast.  Baked sweet potato, roasted squash and zucchini, okra with Cajun seasoning, snap peas and baby new potatoes.  Mm mm mm mm good!!!!!!!!


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