A Low-Key Weekend

This weekend was devoted to spring cleaning and trying to prepare as many meals ahead of time as possible in order to free up my evenings.  I also found time to begin watching the BBC Scotland series Hamish Macbeth, which was recommended by a coworker.  It’s quirky, hard to understand, and yet, I’m kinda hooked.  Seriously, I think I’m missing a good third of what the characters say, given their thick Scottish burrs.

Baby Bok Choy

I haven’t used bok choy much because I didn’t really know what to do with it, other than saute it and slap some soy sauce on it, but thanks again to this website for providing me with a new and extremely easy bok choy cooking method: http://sweetbeetandgreenbean.net/?s=bok+choy.  Perfectly wilted leaves, and the body still had some crunch. 

PB and J Cookies

I had a hankering for some peanut butter and I’m doing my best to incorporate more recipes from cookbooks I own into my weekly rotation, so I made these PB&J thumbprint cookies from The Vegan Table.  Oh yes, of course I used my homemade peanut butter : )  You can read Chay’s review here: http://pinkvegan.wordpress.com/category/colleen-patrick-goudreau/peanut-butter-jelly-cookies/.  I liked ’em, but didn’t love ’em.  I made these with strawberry jelly and set aside one with raspberry jelly.  Next time, use the raspberry.  Or chocolate!!!!!!  I didn’t have to add any extra liquid or any other modifications.

Messa' Collards

Crockpot collards from Fresh From the Vegetarian Slow Cooker.   I like the liquid smoke option rather than the vinegar option as the final addition.  One note–push those collards down in the pot as the space becomes available, otherwise they stick to the sides and burn and who wants to waste perfectly good collards?  These collards are great as leftovers and will be the perfect accompaniement to my tofu/bell pepper/zucchini roast with Susan’s Golden Mustard BBQ sauce (http://blog.fatfreevegan.com/2006/08/south-carolina-golden-mustard-barbecue.html). 

And so, the week begins again.  It’s raining outside with possible thunderstorms this evening.  I suppose it’s “out like a lion”, but we’ve been lucky so far.  After such a hard winter, I welcome the rain since it means flowers and vegetables and good good things!  But I hate worms.


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