I Win, I Win!

Ricki Heller of the blog Diet, Dessert, and Dogs was kind enough to send me a copy of her book Sweet Freedom.  I’m savoring it, slowly working my way through breakfast and on to more and more and more glorious baked goods.  My coworkers are going to have to suck it up because they will be the beneficiaries of my tests!  Stay tuned…

So far, just a lovely spring week with good books and looking forward to the library booksale on Friday.  I like this quote from a novel I just finished: “He was an avid reader, after all, preferring the detached solace of books to most human interactions.”  I recently enjoyed Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers by Thomas Fleming–it rocked my world.  Who knew that Ben Franklin was such a saucy minx?  And that Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings probably DIDN’T have lots of mochacino babies together?

Here’s what’s for dinner:

Herbed Vegetable Packet

From Moosewood Restaurant Low Fat Favorites.  It rates an “eh”.  Thinking I just didn’t care for the mix of green beans, bell pepper, and asparagus.  It was my first time trying tarragon, so maybe that was it too.

Salad With Seaweed, Mushrooms, Roasted Red Peppers

I want to introduce more sea vegetables into my life.  Why?  Well, I like to try something new every week, I read about it on other blogs, and I thought it would be a good way to get more iron in me.  However, I bought wakame, got it home, and looked at the nutritional stats–2% of my daily iron in 1 serving??  What kind of super powerhouse is THAT?  Oh well, I’ll try again.  I like the peculiar taste and texture, but the smell is AWFUL.

Last of the Delicata Squash

Winter squash season comes to an end in my household with a delicata I’ve been hanging onto for awhile, roasted with garlic powder and curry powder.

Any suggestions on what my next experimental fruit or vegetable should be for next week???  And what goodie should I bake this weekend?  Brownies?   Mexican wedding cookies?  Coffee cake?  Cinnamon rolls?


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