Pre-Weekend Getaway With Family

Just a quickie before I drive ~5 hours south tomorrow to meet my family and younger brother at Wrightsville Beach, NC for a family vacation.  Wrightsville Beach is part of the Inner Banks (not to be confused with the Outer Banks) and is quite close to the town of Wilmington.  Wilmington is supposed to a top rated spot to visit if you want somewhere with character and not a lot of tourist traps–we’ve never been. 

My brother made the hotel reservations and I was responsible for researching things to do and restaurants to eat at.  When we went to Jekyll Island over Thanksgiving I got stuck eating a lot of iceberg salads and baked potatoes because steak and seafood restaurants were all that was available/open, so I researched the HELL out of Wilmington!  It was my own fault.  My parents are wonderful about asking if there’s something I can eat at every restaurant and they even call me when they go out to eat on their own and let me know what I COULD have eaten there.  In case I get hungry this time, though, I have packed chopped bell pepper, cauliflower, carrots, and hummus, the Joy of Vegan Baking blueberry bundt cake, in muffin form, Vegan Lunchbox’s fruit and nut bars (with cashew pieces, walnuts, and dried cherries), apples, bananas, and emergency Primal Strips.  I like my ‘nanners pretty ripe and brown, which means I don’t have to worry about my family (or most people) snitching them!  I packed my lunch of mango, grapes, Wasa crackers, and fruit/nut bars so I dont have to waste time at a Subway off the interstate and pay $4 for a piece of bread with lettuce and tomato.

Fruit and Nut Bars, Pre-Baking

Bro' Requested and Approved

Neighbors' Peonies and Irises

The only thing keeping me from sneaking over and helping myself to these peonies is the fact that I already packed away my vases and I dont want to use a cup.  I officially turned in my notice to work on Monday and I’m averaging packing 2 boxes a night.  My coworkers were all overwhelmingly enthusiastic for and supportive of my decision to take this huge leap of faith and join my husband in Texas.  Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside : )  I was truly surprised how many people said they were jealous.  I mean, we don’t have a plan, we don’t have a place to live, I’m leaving behind a security clearance and federal job, we’re the blind leading the blind…and yet, our decision to say ‘to hell with it all’ and make it an adventure makes others jealous?  That’s pretty cool.  And strange.

Off to scour the kitchen for anything not nailed down that I probably wont need for at least the next month and can pack in a cardboard box…

Informative op-ed from the NYTimes (yanked from the Food Inc Facebook page):

And Dr. Gupta:


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